About Us

Care Cleaning Services offers cleaning services for homes (HDB flats, Condominium, Landed Homes, etc). The mission of Care Cleaning Services is to provide quality cleaning services at affordable prices, for any type of cleaning that our customers need help with. We decided to start this company because we realized that though there are many websites and businesses offering cleaning services here in Singapore, there is a lack of credibility and authenticity in many of these cleaning service providers.

At Care Cleaning Services, Customer’s satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. We take all feedback from our Customers seriously and we will not hesitate to take the necessary actions to uphold our reputation as Singapore’s premier provider of cleaning services for residential homes.

Commitment to Contract- A good cleaning company will meet the contract you have agreed upon. If you require a part time maid three times a week, then you should expect to get that service. If you asked for 3 persons to do the spring cleaning, then they should provide them to you on the date required. This will prevent any hassles on your part especially if you badly needed the cleaning done on a certain day.

Responsibility Over Employees- The good thing with cleaning companies is they take responsibility over any wrongdoings of their cleaners, which is why they see to it that they check on the backgrounds of their employees to keep the good reputation of their company. A reliable company will give you peace of mind.

Capacity to Do the Job- Great cleaning companies give their employees the proper training on cleaning techniques. Not only will this ensure that your house is clean, it will also prevent damages caused by incorrect cleaning methods. This will ensure that you get the best service for what you have paid for.